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South roundabout (40 Towy Terrace) South roundabout (40 Towy Terrace)

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Non-Automatic Monitoring Sites in Wales

South roundabout (40 Towy Terrace)

NO2 Diffusion Tube sites
South roundabout (40 Towy Terrace) in 2017

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Nitrogen dioxide

Date NO2 Units
04/01/2017  35* ugm-3
01/02/2017  34* ugm-3
01/03/2017  28* ugm-3
29/03/2017  28* ugm-3
26/04/2017  23* ugm-3
31/05/2017  21* ugm-3
28/06/2017  18* ugm-3
02/08/2017  18* ugm-3

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» Red* - Provisional
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