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Ozone and volatile organic compounds

Source A of the pollutionOzone (O3) is not emitted directly from any man-made source in any significant quantities. In the lower atmosphere, O3 is primarily formed by a complicated series of chemical reactions initiated by sunlight. These reactions can be summarised as the sunlight-initiated oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the presence of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The sources of VOCs are similar to those described for NOx above, but also include other activities such as solvent use, and petrol distribution and handling.

The chemical reactions do not take place instantaneously, but can take hours or days, therefore ozone measured at a particular location may have arisen from VOC and NOx emissions many hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Maximum concentrations, therefore, generally occur downwind of the source areas of the precursor pollutant emissions.Ozone irritates the airways of the lungs, increasing the symptoms of those suffering from asthma and lung diseases.