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Welcome to Air Quality in Wales

Welcome to the Air Quality in Wales website. This website aims to provide you with comprehensive information about Air Quality in Wales.

Air Pollution Summary

Air Pollution in Wales is currently: Low - Index 3

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Note: Values are based on provisional data and represent the highest pollution levels across Wales - other areas may not be at this level. For more detailed information see the map on the left or visit the Current Levels page.

For more information about what the bands mean, please refer to the key underneath the map on the left.

Forecast for South Wales

Last updated at 07:00:00 on 20/08/2017 for South Wales
  • In towns and cities near busier roads
    Currently: 3 (Low)
    Forecast: 3 (Low)
  • Elsewhere in towns and cities
    Currently: 1 (Low)
    Forecast: 3 (Low)
  • In rural areas
    Currently: 2 (Low)
    Forecast: 3 (Low)

The following agglomerations are in the South Wales area:
» Swansea Urban Area
» Cardiff Urban Area

For more information and advice on action you can take when MODERATE or HIGH air pollution is forecast, please see the health advice pages

Latest News

Website Improved - Air Quality Exceedance Summary and Statistics Download
Published Date: 01/10/2012

New features have been added to this website to enable users to:

  • View an exceedance summary for each pollutant at a...

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Latest Report

Comparison of the Modelled National Air Quality Maps with 2015 Welsh AQ Monitoring Data
Published Date: 14/03/2017

» Download report (pdf)

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Latest Seminar

WAQF 2016 Seminar: Policy updates and developments in Air Quality Research
Published Date: 19/10/2016

The Annual Air Quality Seminar was held on Thursday 6th October 2016 at Caerphilly Council Chamber at Penallta House. ...

» Programme (pdf)
» State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR) - An assessment of sustainable management of natural resources in Wales (pdf)
By Michael Evans, Natural Resources Wales
» Air quality and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (pdf)
By Martin McVay, Welsh Government
» Air quality research using telematics data (pdf)
By James Tate, University of Leeds
» Non-bias review of different types of small air sensors (pdf)
By Pete Edwards, University of York
» Sources of Nickel in Pontardawe (pdf)
By Anna Font, King's College London
» Catalytic paints to reduce NOX (pdf)
By David Carslaw, AQEG
» Traffic impact on ecology (pdf)
By Ricardo and Carmarthenshire Nick Rand and Olly Matthews

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