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Swansea Morfa Roadside

Site Name: Swansea Morfa Roadside
Site Type: Roadside
Easting, Northing: 266040, 195409
Latitude, Longitude: 51.641481, -3.937329
OS Grid Ref: SS660954
Address: Neath Road, Swansea
Altitude: 18m
Site Comments: The Morfa station has been operational since August 2000 and is located on a grass bank at the Normandy Road roundabout which acts as a major intersection to the road network in the lower Swansea Valley. The station is within the boundary of the Hafod AQMA. All equipment is housed within an air-conditioned unit and operates continuously. The equipment comprises of Advanced Pollution Instruments (API) real-time analysers measuring CO, SO2 and NOx, with a Thermo FDMS unit measuring PM10. (LA site ref.:)

Monitoring Network: Welsh Automatic Urban pollution Monitoring
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Carbon Monoxide 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Nitric Oxide 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Nitrogen dioxide 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Particulates < 10um (hourly measured) 04/08/2000 27/10/2006 
Sulphur dioxide 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Ambient Temperature 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Wind Direction 04/08/2000 04/11/2008 
Wind Speed 04/08/2000 04/11/2008 
Non-volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 28/10/2006 12/05/2011 
Volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 28/10/2006 12/05/2011 
Particulates < 10um (hourly measured) 04/08/2000 12/05/2011 
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010 12/05/2011 
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010 12/05/2011 
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010 12/05/2011 

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