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CSV data files for Port Talbot Little Warren monitoring site

Listed below are links to CSV data files for Port Talbot Little Warren. These files contain one year's automatic monitoring data and are updated daily. There are two formats to the files, firstly a file containing all pollutants measured at the site for each year followed by pollutant specific data files grouped by monitoring network.

To get the very latest data for Port Talbot Little Warren use the Data Selector.

All Hourly Pollutant Data for site Port Talbot Little Warren (Column Format)
2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

Hourly Pollutant Files for Site Port Talbot Little Warren in Welsh Automatic Urban pollution Monitoring (in 24x365 Table Format)
Non-volatile PM10 (Hourly measured)Volatile PM10 (Hourly measured)Particulates < 10um (hourly measured)
2018 2018 2018
2017 2017 2017
2016 2016 2016
2015 2015 2015
2014 2014 2014
2013 2013 2013
2012 2012 2012