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Download the KMZ Layer

Using Google Earth, or other suitable application, you can view the latest data and information for all automatic air quality monitoring sites in the Welsh Air Quality Monitoring Network. It's easy to get started, just follow the steps below. The examples will use Google Earth, but other similar applications are available.


Use the link below to download the KMZ file. Once you've downloaded this, it will automatically get the latest data every hour.
-  Download KMZ File

Please Note: Google Earth version 5 is recommended to take full advantage of the features in this KMZ file. A broadband internet connection is also strongly recommended.

STEP ONE: Download Google Earth

Google Earth is free to download, and is available from Google for PC and Mac or Linux. Just visit and click on the "Agree and Download" button once you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions.

Once downloaded, open the installer file and let Google Earth install on your computer.


STEP TWO: Download the KMZ file

Once you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download the specially developed KMZ file for the Welsh Air Quality Monitoring Network. A KMZ file is a special type of type that encodes geographical data for displaying in a range of applications, including Google Earth.
Click on the "Download KMZ File" link in the box on the right to open the KMZ file.


STEP THREE: Open the KMZ file using Google Earth

When you open the KMZ file, the displayed globe will automatically zoom in to Wales. After a few seconds, the map will populate with different coloured spots showing both the position of the monitoring stations, and their current air pollution band level.
Click on the "Banding Information" link at the side for more information about the bands used for air pollution levels.
View Site Data
If you rollover any monitoring site spot, the site name will appear to help quickly locate which location you are viewing. Clicking on the spot will bring up a balloon showing more detailed air pollution information, including the latest levels for pollutants measured at the site, a weekly graph of pollutant levels, and links to find out more information.

Please note: All images shown in the screenshots are copyright Google © and Google Earth™ imagery shown belongs to the respective owner.